Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Times are getting tough! soda cracker appetizers

grandma never feed us shoes but she did make us "nail soup" at least once a week. I will have to ask mom if she remembers how to make it. in the mean time beans were a favorite and still are but i have to admit I at way too many beans growing up so I stick to red beans and rice but for a little fun how about appetizers using package of the seasoning left over from when you could afford pizza

soda cracker snacks the longer they sit the better they are! warning they are addictive!

1 box saltines

1 cup oil

1 packet red pepper flakes (from a pizza place)

2 packets Parmesan cheese (also from the pizza place)

3 tablespoons dry ranch dressing or 1 package ranch dressing mix

mix oil, pepper flakes, cheese and ranch dressing mix in a big bowl with a lid or a giant pickle jar, add crackers and close lid and turn till well coated hide jar from everyone because even though it is good now it will taste even better in the morning!

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