Sunday, March 15, 2009

quick and simple "dryer sheets"

I do like the smell of commercial fabric softeners. I also discovered that my HE washer rinsed most of the smell out. I buy my favorite liquid softner and then add equal parts hot water to the mix cut up sponges and there you go.

To use keep the sponges in the softner and take one out, squeeze out excess and place in dryer with your load. This will make your laundry smell great and save you some bucks in the long run.


  1. Wish I could print this out. My printer seems not to like this site. :/

  2. Have you tried copy and paste? That is what I do when I cant print something. My husband loves they way the laundry smells since I started using this stuff. I am glad you like it. The last time I went to get the washing soda though I couoldnt find it anywhere so I got the cheapest washing powder (always save) and used it instead it worked great. I was also able to find rosa soap and fleiz naptha at walmart and it works great too maybe even better than the castille soap.

  3. Fels naptha is designed especially for laundry, and probably will clean your clothes a little better than Ivory or castile soap. However, be aware that it does contain petrochemicals (unlike the other two mentioned), and if you have a septic system you should not use fels naptha.