Sunday, March 15, 2009

What is it all about!

I need some serious organization in my life! Grandma left me with thousands of pieces of paper on how to can or cook so many different things. they are becoming yellowed and torn and I don't ever want to loose these. I have tried to save grandmas recipes on disk only for it to be lost or destroyed. I have tried to recopy my own recipe books but then when the kids ask for a recipe, forcing me to recopy it. So kids here you go this is for you. All of moms recipes online where you can just look it up and keep up with it. I hope this will help me organize it too! as i pull out my recipes I will copy them here and you will have them. this will include the easy to make stuff and the not so easy to make. Recipes to save you money and how to make quick stuff to feed your growing family. I know you can bring a wealth of knowledge too so please share those with me too. I am always open to something new!

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