Sunday, March 15, 2009

homemade laundry soap

We go through so much laundry. Laundry soap can really cut into a budget so here is a recipe to help you save dollars and keep you family smelling good. I find all of these at Harps.
2 cups Borax (in the laundry section)
2 cups washing soda (in the laundry section)
2 bars castile soap (next to the Ivory)
1/2 cup oxi clean

I use an empty gallon ice cream bucket to keep this all in and you only need 2 tablespoons in the wash for this.

grate the soap then put it in the food processor and pulsate it into a fine powder. mix all of the ingredients and store in a covered tub. this will not form a lot of suds and will get your laundry clean.
1/2 cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle will freshen your load.


  1. who is the little girl in the picture with the laundry soap?

  2. Can you believe it. That is Hope. she is almost 5.

  3. I love your simple recipe. I've looked up others but yours is the first I found that uses Oxyclean.. my favorite laundry aid! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I would also suggest using 1/3-1/2c vinegar as a fabric softener substitute. The vinegar smell will wash out, don't worry.
    This is a bit cheaper than fabric softener, but it will still soften your clothes (incidentally 1T vinegar to 1c water makes a good hair rinse too)
    The most important thing about this, however, is that because you're using a soap instead of a detergent, it will leave a soap residue both on your washer and on your clothes. you can rinse a little extra and usually avoid the problem, depending on your choice of soap and the condition of your water, but the vinegar will help eliminate that reside and ensure your clothes rinse clean.

  5. I'm reading up on making these deteregents and your's sounds great. I was wondering if you have made any changes to the recipe since your last post of Feb. 13, 2010.